4 Creative Ways To Use Photo Booth Strips

People know that there’s nothing that makes the graduation party, bar mitzvah, sweet sixteen, wedding, or corporate event more fun than a photo booth rental in San Francisco. Guests love the retro charm of taking a selfie the traditional way. However, what do you do with those photo booth strips when you get home? You do not wish to throw them away. The following are the four creative ways that a photo booth strip can be used effectively:

1. Get it framed

Putting the photo strip in a frame is the simplest approach. But where do you get a frame to fit such a small photo? Fortunately, for you, there is an entire industry behind photo booths. Frames for photo strips can be found in plenty to fit your photo precisely, regardless of the décor. Brides and groom, a reasonably priced photo booth picture frame makes a wonderful wedding favor. They can even double as place markers at the reception tables so every guest knows where to sit.


2. Get it scrapbooked

No matter you love scrapbooking as a hobby or simply to keep some photo albums round, you can still include the event photos. A typical photo booth strip is 2x6 inches, making them precisely ½ the size of a 4x6 photo. Just snuggle two strips next to each other. If you love to scrap book, the unusual size of a strip from the photo booth rental in San Francisco can make a fun layout. Include other tokens that you might have picked up from the event and do not forget to demonstrate the event honoree.


3. Get it magnetized

Certainly, you can always simply stick those photo strips on the fridge with a magnet like everyone else, or could turn the photos into a magnet. Pick up a few adhesive magnetic sheets at the local hobby store and peel off the backing. Then, lay down the photo strip circumspectly, being cautious not to leave any air bubbles. Then, spruce the magnets to the preferred size. They can be left in a strip, or cut each photo out for individual magnets.


4. Get it bookmarked

That out of the ordinary size that can make photo strips look so tricky to frame makes them just right for a different use – bookmarks. The pictures from the photo booth can be converted into an elegant and memorable bookmark with the help of a few plain self-adhesive laminating sheets. Are you in search of a more long-lasting, less DIY alternative? Try some bookmark pouches. They are the ideal size to hold a photo strip.


Regardless of the occasion you are getting a photo booth rental in San Francisco for, photo strips are the ideal graduation party memento, trade show swag, or wedding favor for the reason that they are literally a snapshot of a moment in your life that was worth celebrating. You must always treasure those beautiful moments of life by putting those photo strips to the best of their use, instead of simply throwing them away.

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