A Guide To Choosing The Right Photo Booth Options

While planning a corporate event,Quinceanera, or a wedding, it is always worth considering photo booth rentals in San Jose. To make the most of the photo booth rental, here are some considerations you need to dwell on:

Open-Air Vs. Traditional Photo Booth Rentals

Open-air and traditional photobooths are two most common options available while renting a photo booth. The traditionalphoto booth is the one identical to the ones at the mall or the movie theatre. Thesewalk-in style photo booths are more compact, and normally fit around two tofour in every photo. These are the best for the parties or events with lessthan 100 people. On the other side, open-air photo booths are the separatephoto booth with a backdrop and consume around an area of 8x8 foot. These photobooths are the best if you are short of space at the party venue. They can fitaround 12 to 14 people in a single shot and are suitable for the events withmore than 100 guests.


Colors & Styles ofBackdrops for Photo Booth Rentals

Plentiful options are available to choose from when it comes to backdrops for photo booths. You can choose from a wide range of materials and colors. During corporate events, companies provide their own banner with brand logo and they consider using a wooden fence or a brick wall instead of a backdrop. Consider theme colors when it comes to weddings. The color can be the one matching costume of groomsmen, bridesmaid,or the court members when it comes to Quinceanera. Leading companies for photo booth rentals in San Jose will offer you a huge collection of colors and options for backdrops, including sequin backdrops, cotton/polyester backdrops and a lot more.

Props for Photo Booth Rentals

Choosing props is the next thing to think about. Make sure to inquire about the props included in the rental package at the time of booking. When you are in search of particular props,make sure to ask the photo booth rental company whether one can provide the same. Normally, most service providers charge a nominal fee for personalized props, however, there are a few that do not levy any additional charges for the same. There are some companies that offer personalized frames for corporate events that might incorporate the name, logo, Hashtag, and a lot more about your company. These frames are crucial to boost the popularity of your company effectively.


Custom guestbook for Photo Booth Rentals

No matter what you call is –guestbook, photo booth or a scrapbook, it is essential to your event or party.It is a wonderful addition to your party as your guests can attach the copy of a printed photo strip along with their personalized message. This scrap booklets you cherish the enjoyable moments of the party throughout the life. Guest book or photo book comes in a wide range of types and can be obtained from the company offering photo booth rentals in San Jose.


Overall, these are a few essentials when you consider renting a photo booth for any type of party or corporate event and you are sure to make the most of your photo booth!

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