Attracting More Corporate Clients For Photo Booth Rental

When people think of photo booth rentals in San Jose often times the 1st thing they think of if private events like weddings and birthdays. However, there’s a huge opportunity in the corporate event industry. Corporate clients mean big money since they have larger budgets and often times they’ll hire you again and again for all of their events. You can tap into the corporate market by following some of the promising tips mentioned below:

Showcase your exceptional services

The fact of the matter is that corporate clients are in search of your services every day. There are thousands of companies who can benefit from your services but can they find you? Exhibiting your service options is what the majority of websites lack. Corporate clients would like the latest and greatest features so it is recommended to demonstrate those features in videos and photos.


You would like to distinguish your company from the rest by demonstrating such features creatively and you would like to demonstrate then that your photo booth will take their event to the next level. Make sure you have some sample videos and photos of precisely what you can do.

Use LinkedIn

Do you have a LinkedIn profile? Did you know that as much as 71% of business owners don’t? LinkedIn is a professional network where you can connect with other people more professionally. So the plan is to stumble on the companies you would like to offer photo booth rentals in San Jose and then connect with them on LinkedIn.


Once you get those companies, you can see who works there, and what their positions are within the company. You can then reach out and connect with them and let them know what services you offer. Offer to buy them coffee or lunch, do a bit of networking. Ensure your website and LinkedIn profile if up to date and looking sharp.

Do not be afraid to use guerilla marketing strategies

If you are ready to crank it up a notch and separate yourselves from the competition, then let’s talk about some guerilla tactics. Think outside the box such as a handwritten letter to the company you are trying to attract. Find the name of the right person on LinkedIn then write them a letter and send them a mock photo sample of what you can offer. Send them pizza, donuts, or some creative gifts. Offer to work for free to demo your services.


Tailor everything

Corporate clients live to brand anything and everything they can put their hands on. It is very simple to get a decal made at a local print shop and up-charge the customer for 3x cost. Brands would like their events to be cohesive so if they as for custom backdrops, props, or photos always say yes!


Always snap nice quality photos while you are at the event so that you can later show other corporate clients what your photo booth rentals in San Jose are capable of doing. This is one of the most promising things you can rely on to attract more corporate clients!

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