Prop Ideas For Halloween Photo Booth Rental

Are you planning for a Halloween party this year? Photo booth rental in San Jose will certainly add hours of nonstop entertainment to your party, particularly if you have the ideal props to go with it. Let us check out some of the amazing prop ideas for Halloween photo booth that will assure to make your party pop.

Every person loves Halloween. It is the only night of the year when you get to dress up, act a bit of a wag and no one can say anything about it.


With Halloween, there comes a whole variety of parties, most of which the photo booth will be making an appearance at. If you are also a fan of the garish and ghoulish, you might be eager to up the ante at your Halloween party this year with the ideal photo booth props for your guests.

In addition to a wide range of props that go with Halloween coming along with the photo booths, here are some wonderful ideas that will help you to make sure you effortlessly take your Halloween photo booth props to the next level.



The collection of props for Halloween photo booths consists of some wonderful masks that are just right for Halloween. The cat-eye mask is a topmost favorite with female guests whereas the guys can’t simply wait to be Batman.


Ghoulish Glasses

These are ideal for Halloween photo booth rental in San Jose. To get into the spirit of Halloween party, make sure to pop on a pair of ghoulish glasses. With pumpkins, spider webs, ghosts, and cats, every spooky angle is covered with this pack of Halloween props.



The ever-popular Instagram frame is undoubtedly the top preference for every Halloween party photo booth. In addition, it can be customized for the ideal finish. Do not miss to snap it up for your upcoming Halloween party.


Modish Sugar Skulls

The sugar skull is all set to be in power yet again this year, favored by the trendy who have a preference to instill a bit of a fashion with the dark side. Such trending Halloween photo booth props will right away add a stylish touch to your Halloween party. In case your photo booth service provider is not able to provide you with an adequate amount of modish sugar skulls, do not miss to check them out on several different websites.


Boo Balloons

You can always visualize such balloons bobbing away in the background, set against the splendid gold sequin backdrop. Make sure to bag a variety of such balloons for your Halloween photo booth.


Star Wars

There is a wide range of Star Wars themed masks and helmets available for Halloween photo booths. Make sure to check them out with your service provider.


Petrifying Stick Props

No Halloween party would be complete without props on a stick and the assortment of stick props is absolutely a must-have for your Halloween photo booth rental in San Jose. With everything you need to bring your Halloween party to life, make sure to check out for these props with your service provider.

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